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We've just completed a unique project with a local customer.  This customer needed to replace the worksurfaces in over 1,300 work stations.

Our challenge?  Each station had a person working in it and their productivity could not be compromised.

Our solution:   For 4 weeks, we ran a crew of installers from 6:00pm 'til 2:00am.  Each evening they would remove the pedestals and support brackets, replace the surfaces and then reinstall everything.  When the employees returned the following morning, the only thing different was the surface.  Not one employee interrupted or disturbed.

Productive employees - just one more benefit from using Office Solutions!

We've recently completed a challenging project in downtown Milwaukee that required the installation of over 700 Haworth workstations in an 8 week time frame.  Due to construction delays, we were not able to begin the project as planned and our 8 week time frame was now cut down to 4 weeks!  The end result?  A flawlessly run project, completed within the new 4 week time frame and another satisfied customer! 

A special thanks to Kelly H & Jason M and their crews of dedicated installers for making this happen on time and on budget!

What happens when one of the area's largest office furniture dealerships needs to move into a new building?  The answer is simple - they call Office Solutions to assist them with the installation of all their new, state of the art office and showroom furniture!  This is the scenario that just played out this past winter, to rave reviews by the dealership! 

Thanks to Curt S, Charles M and the rest of their teams! 

Ever wonder who the Better Business Bureau, a company that exists to help people find businesses they can trust,  would use to set up their new offices?  It's simple - Office Solutions!  The BBB knows better than anyone, who the best, most reliable businesses are in any given field and in any given area.  When given the choice themselves, they knew there could be only 1 option, and that was Office Solutions!

Chris W and his trusty crew of installers left the BBB as yet another in a long list of satisfied customers!