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Additional Services

Additional Services

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Shelving & Library Shelving

While our team can tackle any of your shelving needs, we specialize in high-density filing systems or mobile file storage. Our knowledgeable team can deliver and install in a safe and efficient manner, leaving you with the highest possible storage density for files and other media as well as the peace of mind that your unit will be structurally sound and working properly.

Panel and Furniture Lifting

When re-carpeting an office space you have two options. A total disassembly, removal, and reassembly of modular furniture or the raising and securing of modular furniture. This significantly reduces the time and cost needed to complete your project. Our team works hand in hand with the carpet installers to ensure a fast and efficient turnaround.


Whether it be traditional artwork, 3-D signage, floating shelves, group paintings, or backlit signage our installers can, and have, done it all! Whatever the size, location, or mounting surface we make sure your art is securely hung the way you want.

Educational Furniture

Installation, reconfiguration, or relocation? We deliver, assemble, and install for all levels of education. Our experience includes classrooms, administration offices, lobbies, lounge furniture, science labs, libraries, music rooms, and everything in-between!

Pallet Racking

Whether you are building up or tearing down our team has the experience to ensure the job is done efficiently and safely. With the proper equipment, processes, and technical expertise our team of installers will tailor a solution to fit your needs.

Warehousing / Asset Management

Properly receiving, labeling, storing and moving product helps guarantee that your product doesn’t get lost or damaged from the time that we receive it to the time it is delivered or returned back to you. From something as small as a grommet cover to storing your boat over winter our team and warehouse can cater to your needs.

Repairs & Preventive Maintenance

Something as small as changing an arm pad on your chair or replacing a single panel, we can meet your needs. Over time individual problems will occur within your office that need individual solutions. Our knowledgeable installers can fix your problems as well as make any necessary adjustments to prevent future issues.

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