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Companies have plenty of options when moving furniture and personal belongings but what about confidential records? When it comes to moving sensitive or confidential records (medical, financial, personal, etc), great care must be taken to ensure the security of this information. A reputable and experienced company is imperative in ensuring a successful move. Enter Office Solutions!

Office Solutions has been performing critical file moves for over 20 years. We have successfully relocated hundreds of thousands of confidential records for industries as diverse as the medical, financial, legal, government, and manufacturing sectors. Our records team has the experience to execute a move efficiently, safely, and securely.

Whether your record department move is a large or small move, give us a call. We’ll work with you to develop a strategic plan of attack, guaranteeing you peace of mind – and a successful move.

All I can say is there is absolutely NO CHANCE this project gets completed on time and as well as it did if not for (crew supervisor) Jordan’s leadership, planning and the execution of the team.  The rest of the crew was also amazing. They were professional and clearly take pride in their work. You should be very proud of each of them.   If you ever need a reference I will give your team a glowing one.

Scott P.

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